After Athens in 2022, Brussels will host the biennial conference of the European LGBT Police Association (EGPA) in May 2024. The theme of this year’s conference is “Further together”.

RAINBOW COPS BELGIUM – LGBT POLICE, the Belgian association of LGBTQIA+ police officers, was commissioned by EGPA to organise the conference.

With ten years of experience, we are now recognised by the Minister of the Interior and the federal and local police authorities as a privileged partner. A cooperation protocol was signed in 2022 to formalise this partnership


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The conference is divided into six panels covering a variety of topics relating to the day-to-day work between the police, associations and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Are you a Belgian or European expert in one of these topics? Would you like to speak at our conference?

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Recruitment and training of police officers

Opening up recruitment to LGBTQIA+ candidates, training for aspiring inspectors on hate crimes and hate speech against LGBTQIA+ people, continuing training for police officers.

Police intervention techniques and tactics and victim support

Police interventions on people from the LGBTQIA+ community in terms of body searches, pat-downs and confinement to cells, support for victims of LGB-phobic and transphobic crimes (network, Service for Victim Support, etc.) 

Written reporting and reporting to judicial authorities

 Specific reporting on hate crimes and hate speech against LGBTQIA+ people, the dark number, partner institutions and organisations and their allies, warning systems.

Chemsex and sexual health

The chemsex phenomenon, police reaction and intervention concerning chemsex enthusiasts, access to medical treatment (anti-HIV, PREP, etc.) for persons deprived of their liberty, sexual assistants (sex workers specialised in giving sexual support to disabled people), pimping and prostitution.

Contact with LGBTQIA+ associations and police bashing 

Relations between the police and communities, contact between LGBT people and the police, wearing uniform at pride events.

The sexism and anti-femicide laws

Presentation of the anti-femicide law adopted by Belgium in 2023, sexism law and police project to combat street harassment.

Sponsors and partners

Thank you to our sponsors and partners!

This conference is the fruit of collaboration with our privileged partners and the financial support of our subsidizing authorities. You will find the list below.

About life in Brussels

What to do in Brussels

With this interactive map, you’ll be able to keep all the addresses of conference-related venues in your pocket.

As a little bonus, we’ve also included a wide range of LGBTQIA+ tourist attractions and businesses to visit (under construction).

Lieu de conférence

Police Fédérale

Rue Royale 202A, 1000 Bruxelles

Hôtel de la conférence

Motel One

Rue Royale 120
1000 Bruxelles


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